Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dream Diary: December 20, 2012

I was with probably five other girls at a summer camp, and there was only one girl there who I know in real life. we got in this huge fight because she stole my doll or something and then pinned me down, wrote on my face with lipstick, and took a picture. In my dream this conclusively proved that the doll was her's and not mine. But because it was mine I was angry and factions formed. Before anything happened an eel came and took us and guided us deep into this mountain and we couldn't turn around until the Goblins and Wargs were going to chase us out. When we saw them we ran and ran and went out this door but it was on a cliff. We locked the door to give us time and this old man was there acting as a guardian of the gate and to call for help he dripped honey stuff down the cliff and we had to rub oil or something on us so we could be light and these little strands of colorful hair could carry us down the cliff. We ran out of oil and the Goblins were banging on the door, but finally the guy he called with the honey came up magical stairs created by the honey and gave us more oil and we slipped away right as the Goblins and Wargs got through the door.

I had been thinking a lot about The Hobbit.

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