Monday, May 30, 2011

Stuff Malori Says

"One nation underground, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Malori when do you call 911? ".... Or when there is a monster in my house so the jail people can come get him."

"See look Haydn, this book has my name in it. Bullock. I wrote this when I was a little girl. See, I colored this grass then I colored this grass all different colors." (about "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss.)

"Hey Haydn, when are we going to skyscraper?" (Meaning Skype haha.)

"Hey mom, I look cute huh?"

"Haydn, no boys!"

"Who is in your family at Logan?"

"Glacias!! Hola!"

*Also I feel like I am stealing the title of this feature from someone? If it's you I'm sorry. If this sounds familiar you should tell me; it is actually really bothering me haha.

Meet my Malori Kate

This is my baby sister; her name is Malori Kate. She is the funniest and cutest (in my opinion), and says the darndest things. She loves school, donuts, me (her favorite sister- I buy her donuts), playing outside, movies, princesses, water fights, washing my car, and lots of other things too. One of her crushes is Aang from Avatar, and the front facing camera on my iPod Touch is the best thing that has ever happened to her. The following are just a few of the two hundred and fifty pictures on my iPod touch from about three of my visits home.

Friday, May 27, 2011

If I was a rich girl...

If I was rich I would buy all these clothes. I want some of them really really bad and unless someone convinces me I don't need them it is incredibly likely I will buy most of them, if not all of them (eventually). Here are the ones I will probably get myself at some point. If I'm lucky. 

Ravenclaw scarf. I have been eying this for quite some time now.

Because really, can it get more awesome than this?

I really think I'll buy this very soon. I have finally come to terms with  my true self.  My letter will never come...

Because I do; he is one of my favorite fictional crushes.

My house. I really want this one.

Classic. Perfect. Beautiful. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Head Start Update

I usually float around in between classes when I am at Head Start, and I helped out in the infant/ toddler classroom for the first time this week. It was pretty crazy but probably one of my favorites. I don't change diapers since I am just a volunteer, but I fed them (bottles, baby food, and solid food) and got spit up on big time for the first time in a while. It was nice. One baby is so fat that they can't button his onesey, they just have to tuck it into his pants haha. He is a doll! I shouldn't have favorites, but I totally do. Some sibling pairs are my favorites too. I now understand why having a good or bad older sibling influences the way teachers feel about you.

There is one little baby girll who is just so skinny and it really just breaks my heart. She isn't like dangerously skinny or anything, but she isn't chubby how most babies are. Maybe that is just how she is built, but I have decided that my babies better not be skinny because it would just make me so sad every day.

In the older class I was reading a story to Ali (she is the cutest, chubbiest little Mexican girl with wild curly hair). It was a nature book about turtles, and on one page it showed a baby sea turtle being eaten by a crab (do not ask me why this book was in the three year old classroom). She was all concerned and sad and finally leaned down until her nose was touching the page and she started to mutter angrily and growl at the crab that was killing the baby turtle. I assume they were angry Spanish words, but I will never know for sure. It was the funniest and cutest thing. 

Another little girl named Skylah was playing with plastic butterflies and I was sitting down next to her indian style. When she saw some other kids coming she set the butterflies down in the middle of my legs and sat on my lap so no one else could steal them or see them and so she wouldn't have to share. Skylah didn't want to play with them, but she didn't want anyone else to either. She sat there for a good five minutes, which is a long long time for them haha.

Ali and Skylah fight over sitting on my lap sometimes. Today Skylah was on my lap so Ali dangled a toy over across the room so Skylah would come get it, then Ali ran and sat on my lap. I made them share, but it was funny how smart and cunning they are when they want something. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Confessions: Part 3

-As promised, here are the stalker pictures. The following is part of an inside joke, and is very creepy:

This is courtesy of my roommate Elise. A woman on the bus who looks like Angela Martin:

This is a man in my Political Science class who looks just like Toby Flenderson. Naturally, when there was an empty seat next to him for a review, I swooped. I know it is upside down, but I still think the fact that he didn't notice he got his picture taken by the creepy redhead sitting next to him is impressive.

-I love sleeping. Love it, and I sleep so much. Naps have got to be the best thing ever.

-Having a henna tattoo is on my bucket list. And I got to cross it off. It's fading now, but I still love it. Fire Nation henna:

-I really want to attend the University of Utah at some point. Maybe for my Master's Degree; I think Salt Lake would be a fun place to live as a newly married couple.

-I have a list of books I want to read/ buy in my wallet at all times. I add a book every few days usually, sometimes more.

-I get overly excited about fantasy books. When I find someone who loves them (especially Wheel of Time) I can talk for hours.

-Sometimes I send texts to the "wrong people," patheticville. No offence Pam.

-I anxiously awaited my letter from Hogwarts when I turned eleven. I was pretty disappointed when it never came.

-If my letter ever had come I would have been sorted into Ravenclaw. The best house. I want a house scarf very much. Also I love this video.

-I buy so many books. It's a little ridiculous.

-I hate getting hit on. I don't know if they all conspire or they just all think it's funny, but customers at work hit on me so much that it's getting a little crazy. Thank goodness they've all been men.

"Yea well, maybe next time you will... estimate me."

Ridiculous Book Feature

I don't read romance novels, and I think romance novels are trash in book form. However, it is one of my favorite genres to shelve because of pure and ridiculous entertainment value. There are some real beauties of cover art and titles in this section.

Bengal's Heart. This cover may be my favorite ever. The title is also pretty ridiculous, especially in conjunction with the cover art.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Basically I like to think of myself as a master planner. I love to plan parties; It's my favorite. I don't know why it is because I stress out and worry, but I really just love it. So I decided to throw a 70th birthday party for my Grandma Owens and to invite my whole extended family. It was so fun! I was worried because I had never planned that big of a part before, but it all worked out well and was so fun. My family is hilarious. I took so many pictures so I am going to post a lot; My family was so uncooperative and grouchy about it but when I get going I can't stop taking pictures. It is documented. Oh, it is documented and it is documented well.

This is my Uncle Matt with his zombie shirt. He really likes it.

This is my baby cousin Olivia. She is the sweetest to everyone and just a doll. She was sick of getting her picture taken at this point, but isn't she just a doll?

This is Olivia's older sister Sophia, who is also a doll and a sassy mouse. She is showing me her favorite movie.

This is the AMAZING cake my Aunt Lindsey made. It was chocolate with peanut butter filling and so delicious.

This is my sister Gretchen and I. I am slowly discovering that the only way I get pictures of myself is taking them myself, and although it is pretty dumb I try to not to be lame about it.

This is my Uncle Kimball. He talks like he is Charlie Sheen (not like an impression, he talks like himself like Charlie Sheen talks about himself when he is manic) and says "Bad A" a lot. You miss the gun noises he was making since I only took a picture and didn't record it, although I wish I had. He asked me to take a picture of him all dressed up and came over and looked at every one after I took it and said "oh that is so bad A!" or "my face is stupid let me do it again" etc. He also wanted me to take a picture of him flipping the bird, but luckily he forgot.

My two sisters and I creeping. We got bored after everyone else had gone home. Gretchen is a morphodite.

My little sister Gretchen with her Burrow Lego set, we celebrated her birthday also. I was jealous of this present. She has Hogwarts and Hagrid's Hut already, they are so cool.

Displays of manliness are common when my dad and uncles get together. This is my Uncle Ben and dad.

My Uncle Kimball (who trash talked the entire time in his "girl" voice) and my cousin Isaac.

Me. Lighting candles, because I like fire and that is what I do.

My Uncle Ben and Aunt Lindsey. Aren't they the cutest? I just love them.

This is a better picture of Olivia. She is such a doll! I love her so much, and she was so cute with the balloons.

This is my grandma. I was sneaky; she hates getting her picture taken.

My dad and Uncle Ben discussing exercise and man stuff. My dad is about to demonstrate something- this happens a lot in various places.

This is my Aunt Rachel. She is funny and also a little loopy in this picture because of some medicine that made her very tired.

I love Cora.

This is my baby cousin Phin. He is so cute but very fast moving and doesn't really like anyone except his mom.

This is a very cute picture of Sophia. She is adorable.

This is Kimball going to "kick all their (my little cousin's) As in soccer," Diet Dew in hand the whole time.

This is my cute cousin Nathaniel playing fetch with his not-as-cute dog Binky.

My cousin Isaac modeling all of my awesome decorations. Don't worry, I told him to pose this way.

Olivia again, grouchy to be getting her picture taken. I think even her exasperated glare is cute though.