Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

It would be dramatic to say that when the lights went down and this movie started to play I felt my fate hang in the balance and all my hopes and dreams were hinged on Peter Jackson. But it would also be true.

Luckily my love and faith were not wasted on Peter, Fran, and Phillipa. 

This movie was indeed epic. Lighter than the LOTR trilogy, but appropriately so- The Hobbit was a children's book and much more lighthearted. Portraying it differently would misrepresent the book. In case you were wondering, I still think it's hilarious that the editors ask JRR Tolkien for a sequel to The Hobbit and they got The Lord of the Rings. I'd like to meet that man. But I digress. The casting was excellent, the music was perfect, the plot of The Hobbit and other works of Tolkien (appendices mostly I think) were meshed together very well, and have I mentioned Martin Freeman? Love him. My only disappointment at the end of this movie was that you DIDN'T HEAR BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! He is voicing Smaug, and I'm very excited. I guess I probably heard him growl, but I was hoping for a monologue. 

Considering the fact that The Lord of the Rings trilogy was finished nine years ago and Ian Mckellan was old then, it would make sense that he is indeed aged now. But I was still surprised at how old he looked in certain scenes. Not always, but sometimes he just looked so much older. But he was still a perfect Gandalf. 

The music was excellent. I am so glad they got Howard Shore to do the music for this one too. The dwarves' theme is my FAVORITE. I think I like it better than I like Rohan's theme, which is really saying something. I love how he took it from the song they all sing when they are in Hobbiton, because that song gives me the chills and you remember what they are fighting for every time you hear that melody. 

The casting for this movie was phenomenal and I loved the dwarves. I loved how original they are were (my nightmares consisted of thirteen Gimlis) and how they were able to highlight certain personalities. I hope that in the next movies more of them are highlighted until all of them are developed. We'll see. But they were all adorable. I consider dwarf culture to be completely opposite of me personally, but even I appreciated the slight mockery of the elves. Rivendell was really shown through the dwarves' perspective.

So adorable. I really can't get over how much I love this group. And even though Thorin is a jerk I really liked him. And that wasn't just because he was a total babe.

Speaking of babes. This is Fili and Kili. My BFF Brittany and I have it all planned out- she's going to marry Kili and I'm going to marry Fili because they are brothers, so then we'd be sisters! She called Kili first. I would have chosen him because I think he is the most attractive dwarf. But I am very happy with my future man and I think I'd chose him first now. I love them both. I love how they are always the first ones to come save Bilbo. 

Also, Kili makes a really attractive dwarf, but Kili (aka Dean O'Gormun) is much more attractive as a real person. Also he is from New Zealand. Also I say also a lot. 

This, my friends, is Martin Freeman. I love Martin Freeman. He was Peter Jackson's most brilliant casting choice.

And he looks like a hedgehog.

Even if I wasn't biased I would think Martin Freeman was the perfect choice for Bilbo Baggins. Why? His face and mannerisms. He is a PERFECT disgruntled, proper hobbit who has found himself slightly lost but is clever enough to rise to every challenge thrown at him. Look at that face. Perfection. 

I love his suspenders. I didn't think it was possible for me to love him anymore, but hobbit Martin Freeman is just the best of the best. 

The mannerisms Martin Freeman portrays are that of someone extremely proper who finds himself in the wild facing unknown dangers, but still strives to be as polite as if he was entertaining company in his hobbit hole. You can see it in his gait and how he holds his hands. I LOVE it.

This picture of Gollum really freaks me out. However, the riddles in the dark scene of this movie was my favorite. It was hilarious and witty and Smeagol is just adorable, not to mention the fun that was had playing Smeagol and Gollum off of each other. Precious. Just precious.

"Yes. Yes. Just us."

Today I learned that technically Thorin is two hundred years old and dwarves generally live to be about two hundred and fifty. Which explains the fact that Thorin looks way older in the promo stuff than he does in real life and in the movie. That just resolved a question I had- I am not in any way complaining. He was an excellent casting choice. Really I think Peter Jackson discovered BBC through Netflix.

And this didn't happen yet. But I'm excited for it.

Also, I didn't see this movie in 3D or in the 48 frames per second, but I would be really interested to, especially the 48 frames. Maybe someday when I have a super awesome movie theater that Fili buys me for our fifth anniversary.

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