Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am having the urge to migrate.

We all know I am way to big of a wuss to ever actually relocate somewhere. But it would be nice to go to Europe. I would stay in a cottage by the sea all by myself. I would go on long walks along the shore to find seashells, ride a horse, plant flowers, read books by firelight, and go to the local market to buy ingredients for stew and cupcakes.

Preferably the sea would be the Mediterranean, the horse would be a mellow with a gray coat to match, the flowers would be red roses, my bed would be near the fire, the library would be full of fantasy, the stew would have beef and potatoes only, and the cupcakes would be chocolate.

My last preference is for my getaway to be Shell Cottage, but the one from my head doesn't exist. Sadly, the movie's version was not up to my imagination's par and Google Images failed me too. My description wouldn't do it justice, but let me tell you something- it's the cutest house I've ever seen.

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