Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shakespeare Festivities

This is a little behind... But I went to the Shakespeare Festival with my mom, grandma, and Cora and I loved it! It was a fun little trip to take.

Here is the "Globe Theater" we saw Romeo and Juliet in. Apparently cameras weren't allowed in here either... But I didn't know that until after I took this... :

I tried on a wizard hat for fun:

My mom is the only good sport about taking pictures:

Eating their Renaissance cuisine:

This was so good. Also it made me feel like I was at Hogwarts. My pastie:

Lemon tart- delicious:

Cora in one mask I bought:

Me in the other mask I bought- it even matched my Muggle shirt:

Cora found these dolls that she thought looked like us:

Cora bought a quarter's worth of Mike and Ikes. Apparently that is six- we are in a recession, after all. She was upset:

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