Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ridiculous Book Feature

A. What is wrong with is back? It is all inverted and weird- like a valley or a trench. Not to mention the oh-so-original scratch across his back...

B. "A paranormal love to last the ages"? Please. Twilight will outlive this werewolf.

C. Someone special ordered this. I guess the cover is enticing... Or maybe the title got her? The recommendation from Gena Showalter is pretty steamy... I'm not sure. We'll never know.

I've realized I'm kind of mean about romance novels. It's true, some are pretty trashy, but I'm sure that most are pretty okay. They aren't my taste, but kudos for reading at all. I'm not going to lie, some fantasy novels have pretty dumb cover art too, and they are my favorite. This is my apology and peace offering for the lovers of love. I will probably continue to criticize them, but just know it's my personal opinion. Freedom of speech- go team USA.

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