Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ridiculous Book Feature

It pains me to put this book in conjunction with this post title. The Wheel of Time is my favorite series and is very epic, but the artist for the covers manages to make them look like really bad romance novels. Mr. Sweet is actually highly regarded in the world of fantasy so someone must like his covers (probably his mom), but I do not care for them. So here it is: a mediocre title made a hundred times worse by ridiculous cover art.

Because I am very biased towards the Wheel of Time I felt the need to make up for the ridiculous cover above. Here are some covers (from the eBooks) that match how amazing the books really are. Not to be dramatic and nerdy, but these are quite possibly the coolest pictures you will ever see. Just looking at them makes me fantasize about living in Wheel of Time novels.

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