Monday, June 13, 2011

Auri and Sprinkles

So I got a guitar. Ben gave me his and Lindsey gave her's to Isaac. I really really love it and I have decided to name her Auri. I had lots of sweet names for Issac's too, but he rejected them all. I think my guitar is so pretty though, it looks like me. It has reddish wood on the side (like my hair) and pale wood on the front and back (like my skin). I put new strings on all by myself. My goal is to learn how to play Caring Is Creepy by the Shins and News From Your Bed by Bishop Allen. It will be a miracle if I actually ever can, but I am looking forward to trying.

Lindsey also gave me lots of cool kitchen stuff and a ton of sprinkles. I love sprinkles and I am really excited about it all the awesome kitchen stuff.

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