Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life is a Picnic

Today we went on a picnic to a fun park with a river. It was a beautiful day.

I heard some memorable conversations. They were discussing Avatar, and Megan and Nathaniel conversations are always my favorite.

Megan: So do you know if they still have the like little figurines at McDonalds of like Aang?
Nathaniel: I don't think so. It's out of style and out of stores, but it's on the internet.
Sophia: Megan, do you like Barbies?
(She was getting sick of all the Avatar talk.)
Megan: Yea I do, Saniel do they have Avatar barbies?
Nathaniel: Well I don't know, but I haven't seen them. I am usually too busy looking at the boy aisles.

Later on- Nathaniel: Yea, in the last book Zuko turns good.
Megan: Yea I know, he went on a date and kissed a girl. The love episode is my favorite.
Nathaniel: There is not a love episode.
Megan: Yes there is I saw it! It's my favorite.
Nathaniel: It doesn't have a love one!! You are just having a mirage in your mind!!
(He was very upset haha.)

Nathaniel (shooting his stick) and Megan:

The classic Saniel pose:

Sophia bathing Megan's feet haha:

Haha Megan's pose:

I LOVE my new earrings:

Also my crimson glitter toes and trusty zebra sandals:

Sophia's pose- what a doll:

This is such a cute picture- what geese:

Scoping it out:

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