Thursday, June 16, 2011


This summer is a summer of many firsts for me. One first was planting my own garden. After a cucumber plant died and there were no signs of life for over two weeks I was getting a little concerned.... But, lo and behold, after a rainstorm I have sprouts! I was very excited.

Here are the cucumbers I planted from seed:



I have also determined that I am going to try getting my nails done. I just did today; I love them even though they do make typing very difficult. They are very cute and feminine.

Another thing I am trying this summer while I have a good kitchen is cooking and baking lots of new things that I have always wanted to attempt to make. This last week it was a pumpkin cheesecake. It was delicious and a huge success, and I was extremely proud that I managed it with no supervision.

Here it is (I was very excited and took many pictures):

Next on the agenda is a Chocolate Souffle.

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  1. Oh, i want to be part of the cooking club! I have a recipe for rissoto that I am excited to try. And, I don't think we have ever gone head to head at a HP trivia game. I am GOOD. Next time we are down, battle is on!