Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bill: Part 2

Today Bill gave my number to some RM that he knows somehow (because really, he knows so many people through really random ways). Ever since he discovered that I am single he has been trying to get me a boyfriend. He went through every available guy that works at Hastings first, and now he is branching out to men he knows from other places. It makes me laugh really hard. Most of his ideas are ridiculous, but it is at least entertaining. And who knows, maybe Bill will introduce me to my future husband (which is a slightly frightening and highly unlikely idea, but it would be a really funny story to tell our kids).

Another time when Bill was jewelry couriering (and yes, according to google chrome that is a word) he was almost robbed. He always carried a revolver because of how high risk his job was, and luckily he had it handy. He was just sitting down in his car and buckling his seat belt when a guy reached into his car and grabbed him. There were two guys, and the other one was standing behind the guy that had reached in to grab him. Bill let his seat belt go so it hit the first guy in the face, grabbed his revolver, and put it behind the first guy's neck so that it was pointed at the second guy. That way if he shot the first guy would be knocked unconscious from the recoil and the second guy would be shot. Then they backed off and he called the police. His story was probably dramatized and the details were probably exaggerated, and you can believe whatever you want. I mostly believe it and I was highly entertained. I like Bill.

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  1. Ok, this man sounds awesome. He should write a book about his life or something. The ENd.