Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun In The Sun

Here is some of my last two days- it has been so nice outside! I have had my cousins over and we have just been playing outside a lot. I finally got a small sunburn... success!

This is me blowing bubbles. It was way fun, and after Isaac and I had fun with the photo editor.

Sidewalk chalk= so much fun. This is my creation that I was very proud of. This is about the extent of my artistic skills.

Running through the sprinker! I donned my swimsuit for the first time this year. This is Megan and Sophia. Sophia's swimsuit is the cutest ruffly thing I have ever seen.

Isaac's sweet sunglasses on an adorable little girl:

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Alliteration.

This is my cousin Isaac. He is staying with us this week, and it has been tons of fun. He says "yup" a lot, and likes pretending to shoot birds out the window too.

What a doll!! This is a really good picture; one of the better ones I've taken for sure. It doesn't hurt that Sophia is the subject either.

Sometimes I am a horrible person. Sometimes I sympathize with children who have the same extreme fixations/ loves/ manias as I do. It got my arm broken once (driving fast), but luckily this time it only resulted in a beautiful lint fire and a happy toddler. I was very close at hand and ready to take a match (I've done it before), so don't fret. Phin and pyromania:

I love my family. This is my Aunt Rachel fending off Isaac. Surprise attack! This was a definite high point in my life.

My grandma, in her typical position.

Sometimes my cousin Megan grabs Ben's hair and sings the "flower gleam and glow" song (from Tangled) because he said he had magic hair that would heal her. Did I mention I love my family?

Lots of my little cousins playing in the yard. I really really love how Nathaniel is off doing something random and the girls are all circled up.

Sometimes Nathaniel trash talks Isaac all up in his face. Haha.

Nathaniel is the cutest. I really really love him. He is always ganged up on by the girls and gets mad, so we just play. He is so realistic and mature and slightly intense haha. When we were driving in the car and their conversation was as follows:
Megan: "Oh my gosh... are we there yet... we have been driving for like three hours...."
Nathaniel: "We have not! It's been like a few minutes!"
Their conversations are my favorite because Megan is a drama queen galore and Nathaniel is the realistic anti-drama queen. Another conversation while they were playing something random went like this:
Nathaniel: "Hurry! Hurry! Hey come grab this!"
Megan: "No... I don't think I want to.."
Nathaniel: "Do you want your head blown off by a pistol?!!"
Hahahaha I love them.

Sophia is constantly posing for me. I really love it.

Another very good picture from today's bubble festivities:

Nathaniel getting into their game and being very intense:

Isaac loves this picture of himself. It was actually pretty funny when I was editing it. "Look at that stud!"

Nathaniel was always at the forefront of the bubble chasing:

Phin loved the bubbles almost as much as he loved the fire:

Phin's pure joy:


Nathaniel at the front again haha:

Isaac in intense concentration:

Taking pictures of bubbles is so much fun.

Nathaniel was very very proud of his house:

Poor Sophia got in Nathaniel's way haha.

I really struggled blowing this bubble haha, hence the intense concentration.

I like this a lot.

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  1. I love the picture of Phin being extremely joyous. Also all of them.