Saturday, June 4, 2011

Benjamin Button In Reverse

Lately I have felt like I am getting very old. Here is why:
  1. I have never ever had allergies before, but lately they have been so awful! My eyes itch constantly, my ears itch and get plugged up, and I can't go outside and work in the yard without having my legs and arms itch like crazy for a few hours afterwards.
  2. My arm aches something terrible when a storm is coming.
  3. I have a yard and garden that is basically mine to do what I want with (it is technically my grandma's, but she doesn't care what I do and just says "do whatever you think will be good" when I ask).
  4. I text my family members more than I text anyone else.
  5. I work so much, and on the days I don't work I babysit my cute cousin. So it feels like I have a child (just a little bit).
  6. I am saving money.
  7. I buy stuff for my kids sometimes...
  8. I forgot the other reason I had. Yep, old lady.

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